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    Microchip's Ethernet Portfolio

    Robust, reliable, high-speed connectivity and control is possible when Ethernet networking is added to embedded designs. Ethernet enables systems to be monitored securely over the Internet, allows for precision control of industrial motors at production facilities and enables new IoT products with common MCU interfaces like PCI/PCIe®, SPI, USB and 8-/16-bit parallel bus. Microchip's Ethernet solutions include highly integrated Ethernet PHYs, bridges, controllers and switches complemented by a full line of PIC32 MCUs and SAM Arm® Cortex®-based MCUs and MPUs.

    Need to double your cable length up to 200 meters at full bandwidth? Try adding an Ethernet single-coax  transceiver. Get started with the FastECoax7501.

    Ethernet Bridges

    Ethernet Controllers

    Ethernet Switches

    Ethernet Transceivers (PHY)

    Ethernet PIC® MCUs

    • 8-bit Ethernet PIC MCUs
    • 32-bit Ethernet PIC and SAM MCUs
    EtherCAT P

    Ethernet Software

    For developing enterprise, carrier and industrial applications using our VSC series of Ethernet PHYs and Ethernet Switches, our feature-rich and standards-based software solutions reduce your costs and speed your time to market. We offer these options:

    • Ethernet Switch and PHY Application Programming Interface (API) 
    • Switching application software packages including WebStaX, SMBStaX, IStaX and CEServices

    Ethernet Video Channel